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FEGLI is group life insurance coverage provided to federal employees as part of their employment benefits. It is generally valid while an employee is employed.


Upon termination of employment, insured employees have a choice to convert their FEGLI policies into individual policies without producing additional evidence of insurability. Generally, FEGLI policies have a provision that states that insurance on an employee stops on the date of his separation from the service, subject to a 31-day extension of regular life insurance coverage. During this 31-day extension of regular life insurance coverage a person may, upon application and without medical examination, convert all or any part of his regular life insurance to an individual policy of life insurance at rates applicable to his attained age and class of risk unless, within 3 calendar days after the date his regular insurance stopped, he returned to a position in which he is not excluded from coverage.


Thus, under the law, a federal employee who was terminated or otherwise stopped his employment has a right to convert his FEGLI policy into an individual life insurance policy without evidence of insurability. The new individual policy may not have the Disability and Accidental Means Death Benefits that were offered in the FEGLI policy. In order to convert, an insured employee should file a written application for such individual policy and pay the first premium within 31 days from his last day of employment. If the employee dies during the 31 days next following the date of the termination of his federal employment, the Office of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance will pay the benefits to the beneficiary designated on the policy.


Many FEGLI claims get denied when an employee dies outside of the automatic 31-day temporary extension of life insurance following his termination without converting his FEGLI policy to an individual plan. Beneficiaries of denied FEGLI claims may ask themselves whether the employer or the insurance company have a duty to notify a separated employee of his right to convert a FEGLI policy. In some cases, the insurer does not have a duty to notify a separated employee of his right to convert his FEGLI policy within 31 days from the separation date. However, some policies state that an employer will notify an employee who is terminated of his FEGLI conversion rights.


A FEGLI attorney will review the policy at issue to determine whether the insurer or employer had a right to notify a terminated employee of his right to convert. If your claim for FEGLI life insurance benefits has been denied due to the insured’s failure to convert, call our FEGLI lawyers for a free consultation. Our FEGLI attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover denied FEGLI benefits. As your life insurance lawyers, we will fight for your right to receive the benefits to which you are entitled under the law. We have recovered many delayed and denied life insurance claims and will help you collect your FEGLI claim fast.


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