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FEGLI coverage provides peace of mind to Federal employees and their families. FEGLI is designed to provide financial security to the Federal employee’s family members in case of the breadwinner’s untimely death. However, this financial security comes only when a FEGLI claim is paid after the insured’s death. If a FEGLI claim is denied, beneficiaries are left with unpaid bills, financial strain and loss of income. Moreover, beneficiaries are left with unanswered questions:



  • Why was my FEGLI claim denied?
  • What should I do if a FEGLI claim is denied?
  • How do I appeal a FEGLI claim denial?
  • Can I recover a denied FEGLI claim?
  • Do I need a FEGLI lawyer to assist me in recovering a denied FEGLI claim?


All these and many other questions will appear when the proceeds you were relying on are being denied. In order to understand your rights as a beneficiary to a FEGLI policy, you should consult an experienced FEGLI attorney. A FEGLI lawyer will explain your legal rights and will give you advice about your denied FEGLI claim. Certainly, not all FEGLI claims are unfairly denied. However, many claims are denied wrongfully and such claim denials should be appealed. The appeal process is complex and very time consuming. You should know the restrictions and time constraints the laws place on FEGLI beneficiaries before you decide to appeal a denied FEGLI claim. Often, people do not realize that FEGLIA is much stricter than the rest of the laws controlling life insurance claim denials.


How a FEGLI Attorney Can Help


With the help of an experienced FEGLI attorney your chances of getting a denied claim paid are much higher. Your task is to get the right attorney. We understand that choosing the right counsel to handle your denied life issuance claim is a difficult process. When choosing a life insurance lawyer, ask yourself whether your lawyer meets the following requirements:


  • Your attorney is a life insurance attorney who specializes in the field of life insurance law, especially FEGLIA (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Act);
  • Your attorney has successfully handled many denied and delayed life insurance claims;
  • Your attorney is an expert in the field of life insurance law, procedure, rules and regulations;
  • Your attorney has many positive reviews from previous clients;
  • Your attorney defends your rights aggressively while communicating with you throughout the process;
  • Your attorney will take an insurance company to court if necessary;
  • Your attorney is familiar with how life insurance companies deny claims and what excuses they use for claim denials.


Our life insurance lawyers specializing in the field of FEGLI can help you collect a denied FEGLI claim. We have assisted dozens of life insurance beneficiaries in collecting their denied claims. Equipped with vast experience and knowledge of life insurance laws, our life insurance attorney will guide you through the process of getting paid after a FEGLI claim is denied. Our FEGLI attorneys work on a contingent fee basis which means you do not have to pay any legal fees unless we win your FEGLI case. If you or someone you know has a denied life insurance claim, call our life insurance attorneys at 888-510-2212.


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